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★Import japanese used cars

So, it is a common knowledge that Japanese cars are highly evaluated around the world. But why do Japanese cars get so much appreciated worldwide? What kind of approach should Japanese car manufacturers take in the years to come? From London cabs that travel over 1 million kilometers to vehicles used in harsh conditions like war zones, Japanese cars are used in various situations. The automobile industry in Japan symbolises the post-war rapid economic growth and the “bubble” economy period. Consumers worldwide praised Japanese cars due to their high quality. Even after years of use, Japanese cars rarely break down. Japanese cars were a reliable and stable method for transportation.

However, Japanese cars do not come cheap. This is because there is a high import tariff on foreign cars. Myanmar only permits import of used cars, probably to protect its domestic automobile market. The tariff on all imported cars, whether it is Japanese or not, exceeds 100%. So, you would have to pay double the amount for the same car. Tariff revenues go towards road constructions and maintenance. There isn’t much we can do about that. A 10 years old MARK II (2000cc) will cost about 2 million yen. But before, it was over 10 million yen, so I guess we can’t complain.