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Japanese used car

★About the used car

Japanese cars are popular in foreign countries. I'm sure you know that demand for Japanese used cars is high as well. In Japan, the 100,000 kilometers mark is a benchmark for determining the price of used cars. However, when we look at the Japanese used car market in foreign countries, some cars exceeding 100,000 kilometers are sold at high prices. Because of this, cars with high mileage or old models are not only re-sold in Japan, but instead, many are exported for sale in foreign markets.

The amount of exported used cars from Japan rapidly increased after 2002. In 2005, the automobile recycling law was enacted to speed things up. Although the economy is still slow all over the world, the amount of used cars being exported is increasing steadily. Japanese used cars have high quality and are durable. The demand is high in foreign markets. You can say that the used car export business is strong and solid, even during a recession. You can see many buyers from foreign countries at used car auctions (JU, JAA, USS, etc.). It just goes to show how popular Japanese used cars are.